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INFRATEC Drones has been awarded as a RAE by the UK CAA.  A RAE is an Recognised Assessment Entity, this allows us to run pilot competency assessments on behalf of the CAA in the form of an A2 CofC course or GVC/PfCO course for drones.  With expert knowledge within the drone industry we can help your industry integrate drones into your work.


INFRATEC provides consultancy to your industry to help integrate drone technology into your work.  With experts who have worked with Fire, Police, CTU, PWC and many more.  If you wish to integrate drones into your work place we can help in every step, from buying, training and consultancy moving forward.


Our experts at INFRATEC work with many surveying companies by delivering, training and helping with large projects.  We have the equipment at hand to assist you with your project, allowing for smaller business win them larger contracts.

Media TV/Film

Our Pilots at INFRATEC are no strangers to award ceremonies. Our pilots are competent in flying drones but also know their way around a camera. Our pilots have worked with many house hold TV names such as BBC, ITV/STV, Dave and Channel4.

Construction Reporting

We can map a site without the need for boots on the ground to collect a wide array of data. These surveys can be carried out in minutes completely automated. Our operator simply inputs parameters such as boundaries and survey altitudes then they can analyse the data remotely either post event using Pix4D or via live link. The survey results will used to make an accurate 3D model of the site.
Geofencing beacons can be used to identify and prevent the flight path from flying over areas of risk such as live running lanes on a motorway.

Flights can be scheduled at a frequency to suit to survey the site to produce an accurate and up to date 3D model that can be overlaid with previous surveys to give an accurate indication of progress. It can also be compared to the design so that construction issues can be raised much earlier.

Inspection at Height

Secure comms links can provide real time footage from inspection flight to the project team on site or even at the project offices anywhere in the world. An approach that would give the ability to adapt the survey based on real time information, to concentrate on a particular area that has become apparent from the footage. Having all interested parties in multiple locations discussing the survey in real time can save revisiting areas after each team has analysed the results.

Safety is a huge advantage here as their is no need to use a person working at height to collect the data needed to inspect.

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