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Basket Stretcher

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The Basket Stretcher is a rigid stretcher with multiple handholds & lifting points as well as a foot plate, designed for hand, rope or helicopter rescue. The newly designed shell makes this stretcher ideal for a wide range of rescue situations. The shell is built from high density cross linked polyethylene which is resistant to splintering and cracking.

The surface is impervious to body fluids and petroleum products making it easy to keep clean.

The basket is a non-absorbent orange colour which will not rust or corrode and is resistant to effects of chemicals and temperature extremes. A tubular aluminium frame is permanently fastened to the shell to ensure maximum strength and rigidity of the stretcher.

Moulded-in runners and handholds in addition to built in brass grommets provide four strategically positioned lifting points to ensure a safe and effective means of raising or lowering the patient.

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