What Equipment Is Needed To Work At Height?

Category: Training CoursesEquipment

Working at height is a term used to describe work that is carried out above or below normal ground level. In some instances, working at height involves the use of scaffolding, ladders and hoists. It sometimes means workers are lowered into sewers too. Working at height is regarded as a dangerous line of work, as […]

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Do I need drone training to operate unmanned aircraft?

Category: Training CoursesIndustry News

If you have an interest in operating drones, whether as a hobby or as part of your occupation, you may wonder if it’s necessary to undergo drone training. In commercial settings, it’s important you obtain a drone pilot license, as this is ultimately what allows for operating one legally. However, if you’re only intending on […]

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INFRATEC Training becomes one of the first UK CAA Recognised Assessment Entities (RAE)

Category: Training Courses

We are delighted to announce we have successfully became one of the UK first CAA Recognised Assessment Entities (RAE) for drone courses.  We can now deliver Drone Pilot phase 1 and phase 2 training courses. 

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